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About Us

Millennium Booksource Pvt. Ltd.
Millennium Booksource is the pioneer of the era of child-centric learning that requires textbooks to be more interesting and logical. Our new-age textbook material is closely intertwined with our e-books to aid the logical understanding of the learners.

"The Fun Way to Learn"
Our technology based teaching-learning products cater to the creative and constructive needs of young minds through enticing educational activities and games. The study material is meticulously designed by teachers and educators to engage all kinds of learners and to enhance

"I Listen, I forget.
I Read, I Remember..
I Do, I Understand..
I Master, I Achieve."

All the products are the result of intense research and development of our academic team over the years. In tune with the above philosophy, we have designed various titles (books and their corresponding e-books) being used in various reputed schools all over India.

Our flagship series of textbooks include:




While designing a book we ensure :

  1. The presentation of the syllabus in a simple and interesting format.
  2. Use of correct mix of lucid language, design style and structural approach to ensure effective communication with the target reader.
  3. Use of language in accordance with the level for which the book is written and approved by child psychologist, language experts and various editors.
  4. Easy to read approach with appropriate typography.
  5. Feast for eyes with extensive use of graphics and illustrations.
  6. Reader friendly ambience through the use of airy layout, plenty of breathing space and modern style of placing the text.
  7. A practical and activity oriented tool for the teachers.
Digital Support Ebooks

While designing the multimedia software in the form of Ebooks, we ensure :

  1. A Smart Class Enabled System.
  2. Animated presentation of text.
  3. Virtual lab for performing experiments.
  4. Search, for locating any specific topic.
  5. Dictionary, to know the meaning of the word, there and then, helping in understanding.
  6. Pronunciation for the correct audible version of the word.
  7. Features like 'educational games', 'summary' of chapters.
  8. 100% in accordance with the books.
  9. Subject related extra material.
  10. Complete 'edutainment' tool for kids as well as teachers.